Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Realms of Despair

The Realms of Despair (RoD) has been my home online for well over 10 years. It is a living and growing online world that has never stagnated. The relationships built in this online world span the globe, bringing in players from every continent.

In the Realms of Despair there is something for everyone, Role play groups, Player killer clans, specialized orders ranging from good to evil and everything in between, built in quests for RP groups, Nations, PKillers, guilds, orders, the general population, and immortal run quests. If you seek to become a king of a nation or an “uber” runner, the Realms of Despair is the place for you.

The Realms of Despair also has an extensive Symposium comprised of mortal and immortal players and administrators who continually develop new ideas for game growth. The Realms of Despair also has a staff which also plays the game, bringing from their experiences fresh insight and compassion from the player perspective.

Nations available for role-play include: Human, elves, dwarves, Halflings, pixies, half-ogres, half-orcs, half-trolls, half-elves, gith, drow, sea-elves, lizardmen, and gnomes.

Classes available for play: Mages, clerics, thieves, warriors, vampires, druids, rangers, augurers, paladins, nephandi, fathomers, bladesingers, and barbarians.

Orders include: Dragonslayers, MaidenStone (Female only), Arcanes (Magic Users only), Ringbearers, Baali (evil only), Sanctus Irae (Role-play centered), and Ascendere.

Player killer clans: Maleficae, Excordis, Catarrh, and Feralis.

The Realms of Despair is an established game formed in 1994. It is, and always will be, a free game. There is no cost at all to play, or fee to upgrade equipment or expand features. The game does not require rent or any sort of monthly monies invested to play. Give it a week and you will be hooked into this ever changing and growing player-centered game.

The Realms of Despair game can be accessed via mud clients such as zmud and gmud for PC users or tiny fugue for Mac users. We also have a fully functional java interface on our webpage and a downloadable client which is easily installed and requires minimal computer skills.

If you are new to the online gaming world, looking to try something new, or are looking for a place to play I highly recommend the Realms of Despair. With the help of our patient Newbie Council and easily learned command structure you will quickly become part of our online community.

www.realmsofdespair.com port : 4000

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